Corporate Communications

Businesssiness perception has always differentiated a great organization from a good organization.


Businesses are fast realizing that developing a brand message & culture is as important as having a great product or service in the market! Achieving brand messaging and uniformity is imperative to build consumer loyalty, attract the best talent, influencing stakeholder opinion, and most importantly, achieve business profitability!


Improve & Transform your business through sustainable communications strategies our experienced specialists’ design and implement! Every story we deliver is checked, double-checked, and triple checked!



Internal & External Communications:


– Internal teams management

– Newsletters

– Employee knowledge management solutions

– Presentations

– Investor correspondences

– Staff intranet

– Media Outreach

– Crisis Response

– Brand Messaging

– Press releases

– Press conferences

– Inter-departmental messages



Change Management:




Unfreezing of change involves preparing your organization to accept that change is necessary, which involves breaking down the existing status quo before you can build up a new way of operating. Key to this is developing a compelling message showing why the existing way of doing things cannot continue. This can point to declining sales figures, poor financial results, worrying customer satisfaction surveys, or suchlike.


Change stage follows the uncertainty following unfreezing. Time and communication are the two key processes that allow changes to occur successfully. Employees need time to understand the changes, and they also need to feel highly connected to the organization throughout the transition period. 


Refreeze phase starts with employees embracing change successfully. Organization messaging, perception, the organizational duties & responsibilities and so on, are all institutionalized and stabilized.




Business Plans


A failure to plan is a plan to fail! 


Written business plans increase the performance of both new and established organizations. A good business plan guides your business through every stage and becomes your roadmap for how to structure, run or grow your business. We will work with you to write comprehensive business plans, including but not limited to:


– The executive summary

– Mission statement

– Description of your organization’s leadership

– Market analysis

– The legal structure of your organization and corporate governance code

– Detailed explanations of your service or product line

– Funding requests

– Financial projections

– Key partnerships, activities, resources & challenges

– Value propositions

– Customer relationships & customer segments

– Cost & Revenue structures

– Profitability projections



Policy Development


WriteFers will conduct an inquiry, familiarize with the goals & processes of your organization, develop a sound policy reflecting the ideals of the people of the organization, conduct policy review, ensure standard policy structures, and assist in implementing your new policies following approval.



Brand, Positioning & Messaging


Describe the value you deliver!


Create your positioning document for your employees, management & stakeholders; outline and articulate the uniqueness of your product or service. Express your positioning strategy as your brand message for the external audience – Use fundamental positioning concepts and arrive at your brand messaging in the market!




Board & CEO Communications


Board & CEO relationships are always fraught with conflict. These conflicts almost always a consequence of poor communication. Improve board/CEO relationships, strike the right balance between disclosing strategical framework vs disclosing granular details, and in consequence, improve organization’s cohesiveness, and raise the overall effectiveness of your business leadership!



Reputation & Strategy Management


Your organization’s reputation isn’t built by accident; it gets built word by word!


WriteFers will make sure your organization and the people are always presented in the right light by conducting meticulous reviews, building conversations with your customers and paying close attention to what they say, and delivering a hands-on reputation management strategy!




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