Business School/University/Graduate School Applications

Business School/University/Graduate School Applications


Discuss your goals and aspirations with us, we will help you formulate your desired higher education journey from ground up!

Shortlist your choice of schools, build your application step-by-step, develop your goals & story, brainstorm your essay approaches, receive tailored feedback & more! Position your candidature, scrutinize every detail and maximize your chance of acceptance to top schools across the globe.

Over 13 years experience  in strategizing Business School/University Applications & SoPs with an incredible 97% acceptance rate! We know what it takes to get accepted!


Our Competence
  • Business School Applications: We’ve advised candidates that eventually attended MIT, Wharton, Babson College, Columbia, Kellogg, McGill Desautels, to name a few.
  • College & University Admission Essays & Personal Statements
  • Scholarship Application Essays
  • References/Recommendation Letters & Statements
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Overall Application Strategy

Our Expertise

WriteFers will help you formulate your desired higher education journey from ground up! Talk to us about your goals & aspirations!

WriteFers will assign a dedicated advisor to assist you in your higher education journey. We will strive to make  your academic and professional dreams come true!

  • Shortlist your choice of schools
  • Build your application step by step
  • Develop your goals & story
  • Address your key challenges
  • Brainstorm your essay approaches
  • Receive tailored feedback
  • Position your candidature
  • Scrutinize every detail to ensure consistent messaging!

Our Promise

Once your story is formed well and in detail, we will carefully revise your material for clarity, correct use of natural tone, terms & expressions, to achieve the ideal word count to suit your story! 

Your statements, essays, CV/Resume and letters must focus the spotlight on your achievements, skills, and personal character to show  the admission committees that you are a valuable asset to their organization! 


  • 100% accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation

  • Appropriate tone & choice of words

  • Clear, concise and compelling essays

  • Multiple revisions

  • Dedicated advisor’s assistance on demand

  • Free 20 minutes consultation

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