Strategic Digital Communications

Today, with the convergence of public relations and newer digital marketing disciplines, having a comprehensive digital communications strategy becomes more pertinent than ever. If you are determined that your organization to create an effective brand awareness program and underscore its market leadership in an increasingly competitive media landscape, your organization needs an impactful digital media strategy!


Content Development —


Content marketing can be a key way to elevate your company, products and services to stand out among competitors. Develop educational white-papers, blogs, industry reports, videos and webinars that offer exclusive information relative to customer persona interests and pain points. This can help your company become a trusted information source.


A customer-oriented strategy and well-planned execution provides the opportunity to be found by potential customers through search engines, grow an engaged audience, acquire new customers, and foster relationships and sales with existing customers.


Content marketing requires significant planning, coordination and patience. The goal is to develop and distribute content that will be compelling and useful to key customers. Therefore, the planning process includes identifying key customer personas and analyzing their goals, challenges and decision making process so you can learn how to best engage them with content along the way.


Thought Leadership –


A key component of a strong content marketing strategy includes a thought leadership program. Establishing your company’s leaders as visionary subject matter experts within respective industries allows readers to look to your company, executives and web channels for information, best practices and, ultimately, guidance on products and services.


Editors and readers are looking for informative articles that provide a unique viewpoint while being relatable. In our experience, effective thought leadership uses real-world anecdotes and customer examples to establish credibility.




You can be extraordinary!

The digital environment is a relatively level playing field, ripe with opportunity! All of your competitors have access to the same avenues that you do.

A strategic digital communications plan enables your organization to distinguish itself from the noise. Create a strategy with WriteFers and grab the attention of your audience and drive business objectives!