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Many business plans are make-believe documents! Aspiring entrepreneurs see business plans as papers filled numbers, projections and embellishments to convince investors to commit resources.

We believe, a concrete business plan is the master plan for the success of your dreams & aspirations!

A good business plan guides your business through its every stage and becomes your organization’s vision statement. A concrete business plan must serve as a roadmap for how to structure, run or grow your business and create the foundation for smooth operations, and maybe–just maybe–persuade a lender or investor to buy into your idea!

At WriteFers we facilitate your business dreams to take shape with coherence, logic, clear and compelling structure.

We’ve fraternized with people and businesses from a vast variety of backgrounds owing to our presence in the Middle East; a true melting pot of people from across the globe! We understand multi-national business cultures, and to draft your perfect startup business plan & strategies, use WriteFers to give your dreams the advantage of our experience!

At WriteFers, our professional communicators are experts at drafting the business plan of your dreams and aspirations. 

WriteFers will work with you to write a comprehensive business plan, including but not limited to: 

  • The Vision Statement
  • The executive summary
  • Mission statement
  • Description of your organization’s leadership
  • Market analysis
  • The legal structure of your organization and corporate governance code
  • Detailed explanations of your service or product line
  • Funding requests
  • Financial projections
  • Key partnerships, activities, resources & challenges
  • Value propositions
  • Customer relationships & customer segments
  • Cost & Revenue structures
  • Profitability projections

Choose the format that your plan needs:

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