Our Story

Fers is the archaic term for the most important piece in Chess; The Queen!

It is the little things that connect all of us here at WriteFers – we are all linguaphiles, voracious readers, passionate communicators, Chess enthusiasts, and most importantly, irrespective of our genders, none of us have two qualms in identifying ourselves with our feminine pen name – Fers!

Our Story

We started by writing for friends & family; some of us were already freelance writers, some of us had other day jobs, but we shared fervent passion for writing. We worked as mainstream professionals during the day and as enthusiastic writers – as the ‘Writers Ilk’ at other times. 

However, assignments consistently gushed in just a few years, and consequently we evolved into a full-service communications agency to streamline our operations.

WriteFers is continually growing, and we are proud to announce that since 2006 we have generated about 280,000 words of original content, edited over 1,000,000 words, and completed over 80 projects hands-on!

Our in-house team includes Writers, Editors, Certified Public Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Journalists, and other specialists with advanced graduate and professional degrees. 

Our team mates possess exceptional expertise in fields including Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Music, Space Sciences, Astrology, Life Sciences (not medical or pharmaceutical sciences), Classic English Literature, English, Literature, Poetry, Communications, Composition, Economics, Ecology, Geography, Geology, History, Thought Leadership, Mathematics, Nutrition, Philosophy, Physics, Sports, Statistics, Accountancy, Business, Management, and Political Sciences, Finance and Marketing.

Every assignment or contract we deliver passes three levels before final delivery – a project advisor, a subject expert, and a quality assurance specialist. Because we manage every assignment with utmost personal care and attention, WriteFers boasts a 97% client satisfaction rating! 

We aim for excellence, turn down tasks we cannot guarantee personal attention to, and focus on quality over quantity! 

Contact us today, and we promise we’ll untangle your every communications conundrum, word by word! 

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